About Us

About Us

LOFRA was founded over 50 years ago by the brothers of an Italian family with their work beginning after the war using left over war surplus. Through the early years they began making camp stoves and then progressed onto gas cookers to meet the growing needs of consumers.

Upholding tradition, in the 1980’s the company was passed on to their children keeping the business very much family orientated.

The newly designed company grew with the information received through market surveys and analysis and focusing on continuous development and improvement.

This has made Lofra products leaders in the industry of top quality cookers and hobs.

Lofra cookers are designed to offer years of high performance cooking, and with European styling, unique cooking features and the flexibility of various options, you are sure to find the perfect Lofra for your lifestyle.


Lofra is founded by the Lovato brothers, their work beginning after the war, using left over war surplus.

1956 - Mid 1980s

Lofra progresses from manufacturing camp stoves to providing stainless steel gas cookers for domestic use.

Mid 1980s

Lofra is passed onto the Lovato brothers’ children and revitalized with a new organisational structure and clever market surveys and analysis.

Late 1980s

Lofra grows and develops to become leaders in the production of high performance cookers and hobs.


New management revitalise Lofra with a clear emphasis on traditional 100% Italian manufacturing and branching into new product categories.


The Australian market enjoys the Lofra experience of high performance Italian made products.